Southeast CoMMuTer Rail Transit District

The Southeast Commuter Rail Transit District supports the implementation of the Southeast Service (SES) Line which extends from Eastern Will County to LaSalle Street in Chicago along a UP/CSX freight rail corridor and through densely populated, under served communities in Will and South Cook counties. Expanding transit in this corridor will increase access to downtown Chicago job opportunities, improve livability for corridor communities by providing transportation choices for commuters and promote redevelopment by building on local comprehensive, economic development and Transit Oriented plans. 

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Station Area Planning
Corridor  Planning
Commuter Rail Alternative


METRA is Northeastern Illinois' Commuter Rail Service Provider. The Federal Transit Administration prescribes thresholds that must be met before implementing any new or expanded transit service.  Proposed projects must undergo several feasibility and environmental studies to ensure that all federal and state guidelines are met. In doing so, Metra must comply with the federal New Start process which requires documentation and rigorous studies to analyze commuter rail alternatives that best address the transportation needs within the SES Corridor.

Transit Oriented Development


The RTA is Northeastern Illinois' Transit Planning and Oversight Agency. The RTA provides Local Technical Assistance and funding to local governments to conduct studies that seek to enhance and improve their local transit assets.  Typical activities include the creation of transit-oriented development plans that identify sustainable Transit Oriented principles for a given site that enhance the market attractiveness and connectivity of proposed transit stations.  Many of the SES Line corridor communities have completed Station Area Plans.


The South Suburban Mayors and Managers Association (SSMMA) is an intergovernmental agency providing technical assistance and joint services to 42 municipalities representing a population over 650,000 in Cook and Will Counties. SSMMA members work cooperatively on transportation, legislation, land use, economic development, recycling, purchasing, storm water and open space planning, infrastructure, human resources, public safety and housing issues.

District Representative

John Kasperek, Jr.

Matt Fares

Thomas J. Durkin

Bert Herzog

Kevin Welsh

J Wynsma

Michael Mears

John Dolasinski

Jason Huisman

Layne Marino

Jason Wicha

Southeast Commuter Rail Transit District

3250 Bob Malkas Drive

Lansing, Illinois 60438

Phone:  708.251.5601

Fax:      708.251.5866

J Wynsma, Chairman

Layne Marino, Secretary


John DeLaurentiis, Executive Director

Bonnie Cuthbert, Administrative Manager